About Us

Our Mission

We are flat-out obsessed with helping eCommerce brands scale. All of our partnerships turn into long-term relationships that are full-funnel engagements with brands we truly believe in from top to bottom. Our only focus is to support new customer acquisition and drive customer retention. We engrain ourselves in the entire cycle of the customers digital journey , mapping out better customer experience and support, setting us up to have the resources to make a realized impact by growing revenue.

Our Plan

We solve digital Challenges. Rather than being looked at as a vendor we make them established brands, CMC M-Tech looks to integrate and involve their team right into the brands team. They want to eat, sleep, and breathe the brand and make the success of the brand personal. Our plan is to take our brands to the heights of tangible and measurable results. We believe in scalability, and we believe in taking your brand to the next level. we are your digital solution!

Our Vision

Our Vision We strive to be leaders in digital marketing services and Software development across the channels by setting new standards of professionalism and success. Our vision is to become a top agency offering online marketing strategies, digital sales solutions, online brand management in the national and international business sphere.With a good group of skilled people power through and excel in the digital arena. Making partnerships into relationships.


We are digital warriors leading with creativity, curiosity and technology. We use them to build stronger brands, positive experiences and better partnerships. Here at CMC M-Tech , we embrace our client’s individuality by creating bespoke content and software. We believe in delivering work that encapsulates the values of your business. We took off from one-room-office 12 years ago and grew into a massive group of wizards devoted to providing the best of the best to our clients.

We not only respect the privacy of the brands we work with, we respect their digital identity and their values. From e-commerce management to brand building, graphic design and copywriting, we are a one-stop solution for all things digital. We utilize our vast experience in digital communication to cater to all the needs of our clients.