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Restaurant Management System

Searching for simple yet efficient -set-up software for your restaurant? On the off chance that you are! Cmc M-tech has curated a once of best Restaurant Management Systems for restaurants like yours.

How does it work?

A Restaurant Management System enables a restaurant to deal with all the various kinds of order requests, menus, shifts, tables, billings, installments, and everything all in all. It is exceptionally intended to serve and help the F&B business. It speeds up each activity of the market and in this manner making the restaurant management cakewalk for a restaurateur.
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Features that make it different

Link Your Chains

Does your restaurant have numerous outlets in the industry? A food chain? Dealing with your branch restaurants or chains includes activities like sales, bookkeeping, and a lot of progressively complex assignments. But with the assistance of our Restaurant Management System Head Office module, carry real responsibility for all the associated branches with an order over menu things, rates.

Smart Inventory Record

Enormous outcomes with little effort! Our Restaurant Management System offers a keen inventory and stock management program. It gives you a history of ongoing stock levels and fixings, which prompts expanded cost-viability and diminished wastage and errors in stock, thereupon improving the stock administration.

Staff Management

Directors can support demands, make staff schedule, and impart messages about shift openings or significant updates directly from their cell phone, tablet, or work area. Colleagues can offer, get, and swap shifts instantly from their very own cell phones, tablets, or work stations. We can make overseeing and booking your groups more straightforward and increasingly gainful. It helps to implement the best work rehearses in each chain.

Online Food Ordering

With Restaurant Management System, you will be able to deal with every one of your online orders. Mostly from the favored food ordering apps like Foodpanda, Kuks, and UberEats. We help you not to pass up on this chance to contact your clients with a convenient conveyance to construct brand loyalty among your clients.

Benefits of Our Products

We are set for designing the most dominant Restaurant Management System with the complete suite of simple to-utilize items accessible. We accept an article is just as reliable as its establishment, and we have gone through years of planning and building our own.


Being upgradable is tied in with associating with the management system you have today and interfacing with the software you will have later on. With our total, Restaurant Management System, we give the capacity to associate any system with or without our assistance.
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Simple as You Like

In the chaotic market of a Restaurant, anything that is not quick and instinctive will go unused or more regrettable, be utilized with errors. That is the reason our every item is intended to be usable with next to zero hindrance. Also, it’s 100% usable on any machine.


We are enthusiastic about helping our clients of all sizes. We help to settle their business challenges, improve their activities, better serve their clients, and increase their profitability. By utilizing the restaurant system from M-Tech, restaurateurs complete visibility into their information since it empowers better decision making.